Placari cu aur * Gold Plating * Art Gilding SRL Brasov

About us

We are a romanian company that is offering through electronic equipment and incorporating modern technology and organic substances (without cyanide) in the field of coating surfaces by indirect contact, professional plating with precious metal.

We use the purest metals, which have high wear resistance and are not corrodible and not exfoliating.

We offer Quality Certificate for any work performed, releasing at the same time Certificate of Authenticity of precious metal use. Providing waranty depending on the degree of application of object-plated for resistance metal layer deposited.

Our company can perform 14/18/24K gold plating, silver, copper, nickel, chromium plating, etc. on the surface of objects, such as:

* Art and religious objects (icons, chalices, crosses, metal, candlesticks candles, plastic ware, Cymbals, coins)

* Car (rims, emblems, grilles, watches board, door handles, auto tuning)

* Home decorative (sinks, water taps, cutlery, various ornaments, lamps, computers, mobile enclosures, serving trays),

* Jewelry and accessories to leather goods, furniture (handles, applications, accessories)

* Design and exceptional interior design (water taps, railings, radiators, frames for paintings, statues), antiques, promotional items (tabachere, lighters, pens, etc..)

* Electronic equipment and components (audio, video, connectors, etc.), much more.

The client is properly advised by a staff with a high degree of professionalism, offer the best solution perfectly adapted to its needs.

We can plate any size objects or only a delimited part of them without having to dismantle them, without cities materials (wood, plastic, glass, ceramics, paint, etc..) be affected in some way.